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Dividing “good Muslims” from “bad Muslims”

June 3, 2017

The president of US has returned from Saudi Arabia during his visit he gave a speech on the radical Islamic terrorism. US president has also criticizing the Muslims and never miss this chance as he clearly says that “Islam hate us”. The speech given was on the positive side said by the different political magazine with the word used by them for the speech were “politically correct” and “uncharacteristically inoffensive respectively”. Trump language regarding the Muslims that he says to the people of United States is different from the language used here. In US the words are rapid increase of military for Muslims while in Saudi Arabia he was polite in his speech.

Right wing extremist is increasing in US as a man in Portland stabbed people for defending Muslim in train. There is no doubt in that trump consider the Middle East the source of terrorism named them as “barbaric criminal” and “foot soldiers of evil”.

US has dropped 20,000 plus bomb on Muslim Majority under the name of war on terror that killed millions. They are also running the torture camps Guantanamo and taking the people civil and human rights. On what base they are capable of defining the good and evil. The President define the “good Muslim” those who are supporting war or terror and while who are opposing are “bad Muslims” Umrah Packages.US president has also signed the arm deal of $110 Billion to buy American weapons.

These weapon are going to be used in Yemen that has already killed 10,000 people and has left 7 million facing starvation due to the bombing of Saudi Arabia. The polite presidential speech has put the people affected by the war as barbarian and while who are affecting them as civilized beacon of peace and goodness.

The speechwriter has nicely put the violent, Anti- Muslim message in a good way but this will not change the views regarding the destruction of entire communities.

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