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Deluded Jihadi Knifeman plunged 12 inch blade into stomach, a scar stretching from belly to back

June 5, 2017

Daniel O’Neil was attached by the Jihadi with a 12 inch blade into his stomach leaving a scar from belly to his back and he yelled “this is for my family, this is for Islam”. He was coming out of the bar in London along with his girlfriend went this incident happens. According to his mother after the attack his son went into the pub and there were shot fired, everyone was laying down and told to go downstairs. A bandage to stop the flow of blood was put on Daniel by his friend Umrah Packages. After going downstairs he was taken by the police in the car and Daniel mother try to find the police officer to thanks them. The steps taken by the police, nurses was praised by the Daniel’s mother.

She added that she has talked to his son, the people doing such thing are criminal and coward and doing it in the name of God is an absolute joke. His son is quite sick although ultrasound is good but can’t rule out the kidney damage.

The terrorist were shot dead after the incident happen by the armed officers but during their act they were driving at 50 miles per hour in “S shape “across London Bridge pavement to injured as many people they can during this 48 people were injured according to the Metropolitan police.

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