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3000 roses at London Bridge in show of solidarity after terror attack

June 12, 2017

The residents of London belonging to Muslim community have given flowers to the people on London Bridge as the symbol of love in accordance to the latest terrorism attack in UK. A group of British Muslims distributes 3000 roses to the people on London Bridge for solidarity following van and knife rampage that killed eight people and dozens of people were injured.

The organizer of the event taking place on Sunday Zakia Bssou said that it is a done to show gesture for the affected people and we will not let the London bridge to fall down or any bridge in term of relation.

One of the British residents Elida Ercalano after receiving the rose get emotional and said that it’s a lovely act and this what all about London city. This should be remember instead of what happened because it is bringing people closer.

June Collins belonging from Gillingham said that it’s beautiful to see such people sharing love after that horrible event, Muslims should speak against this extremist activity and let’s receive this good deed with the hope that this horrible thing didn’t happen again.

David Hackett from Durham said that it is a very heart touching things it’s good to see the people spreading love in accordance to the bad event that happened.

Traveller Nancy Cannata from US said that it’s nice to see such behavior and not every Muslim is doing this kind of acts. In every religion there are good and bad people this is what that need to be realized. She was on a holiday with his husband. She said that they are feeling save and they hope that world is moving in the better direction.

The 1000 Roses London project was completed by the funds through crowd paying for the roses and purchase from Zara Floral, East Grinstead. People are still giving funds and group is planning to have another event in the future.

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