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Significance of 3 Holy Mosques

June 14, 2017

Umrah is one of the religious obligation offered by the Muslims from all over the world. It is noncompulsory in term of its performance as compared to the Hajj. Muslims all over the globe visits Makkah and Madinah situated at Saudi Arabia to perform this holy obligation in order to seek blessings of Allah Almighty and forgiveness of the sins they have committed in their life until now. The main purpose to do it to get blessings and to see the Allah Almighty home. It has no specific time it is performed by the Muslims throughout the year. It is an Arabic word that means “to visit a populated place”. Umrah is to perform Tawaf, around the Khana Kaaba and to do Sa’i between two hills named as Al-safa and Al-Marwah. It is also referred as the ‘minor pilgrimage’ as Hajj is the major pilgrimage and is compulsory for every Muslim who can afford it, whereas Umrah is not compulsory but is highly recommended. Most of the Muslims choose the month of Ramadan to perform Umrah.

The pilgrim performs a series of ritual acts which are in accordance to the lives of Ibrahim and his second wife Hajar, and of solidarity with Muslims. The more frequently visit  times for Umrah performance are the days before, during and after the Hajj, and during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Masjid al-Ḥarām (Makkah)

This Mosque is also referred as the Great Mosque of Makkah, the Grand Mosque or the sacred Mosque, and is the largest in the world. Surrounding the Islam’s holiest place; the Khana Kaaba, Muslims face in the Qibla while performing Namaz. As a part of the Five Pillars of Islam, the Hajj pilgrimage makes this mosque the largest annual gathering of people in the world, but also holds Umrah traditions strong.

The Haram is the main important point for the Umrah Pilgrimage which can be carried out at any point. This beautiful place of prayer is host to hundreds of thousands of Muslims during performance of Umrah, and is significant in faith and way of life.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Madinah)

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi was originally established and built by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and it is located in the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. It was the third mosque in the history of Islam and now one of the largest mosque in the world. After Masjid al-Haram, this mosque is the second holiest site and is always open, irreespective of time or date.

This location is a major pilgrimage site and is a prominent place of worship and prayer due to its connection with the life of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad.

Al-Aqsa (Al-Quds)

It is also referred as ‘the farthest Mosque’, it is the third holy site in Islam, and is in the old city of Jerusalem. The entire mosque sits alongside the Dome of the Rock, The Four Minarets and the Seventeen Gates; the wider area is called as al-haram ash Sharif or The Noble Sanctuary.

Muslims believe that Muhammad was transported from Mecca’s Sacred Mosque to al-Aqsa during their night Journey. The history say that Muhammad led prayers towards this site until Allah Almighty directed him towards Kaaba after migration.

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