Muslim Council Britain Condemn Park Mosque Attack

June 19, 2017

In night Muslims were coming out of the Mosque when the van hit those leaving one person dead and 8 people injured. The General Secretary of Muslim Britain Council Harun Khan condemn he attack and said in the statement that Muslims were coming out of the Mosque when van hit them. He said that his condolence are with the victims and they are in his prayers as the act done was by the person motivated with the idea of Islam phobia. Earlier this week many incidents have occur but this is the most violent till now. He further added as Ramadan is going to end and Eid is coming the concerned authorities should increase the security of the Mosques.

Muhammad Shafiq the Chief Executive of Ramadan Foundation also said that it was a deliberate attack on Muslim and he condemn it. The British Muslim Community want all the British citizens to stand with them. Coming days can be difficult but with unity and tolerance we can be united and we will not allow the extremist to divide the community.

Mohin one of the witness said that is cousin was also affected in the incident. The time was close too 11:20 pm when the van hit the Muslims coming out of the Finsbury Park Mosque. Another man named as Andrew said that he saw three person lying down and one appear to be Muslim. A 45 year old eye witness from ST Albans, Hetfordshire said that he was coming back to his home after finishing the shift when he saw one of the person was given the CPR by the police officer and he was dressed in the ethnic clothing.

Similarly an eye witness from seven sister road also told to BBC that he has listened the screaming and shouting of the people as van hot the people. She told that a white van standing right outside the Mosque has hit the people as they came outside the Mosque.

Similarly, many other witness also gave the same statements regarding the hitting of the people by the van.

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