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Story of Al Safa and Al Marwah

June 27, 2017
Story of Al Safa and Al Marwah

Umrah is a religious non mandatory obligation offered by the Muslims from all over the world. Pilgrims around the globe visits Makkah and Madinah located in the Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with Umrah Packages.

There always an excitement right before the Eid throughout the Muslim community living in the world. The reason behind this happiness is not due to the long holidays coming up but it is due to the time of Hajj and the fact that everyone has a relative or a friend who is undertaking the journey. Hajj is the highlight of the year according to the Islamic calendar. It’s a complex and exhausting spiritual journey which is the fifth pillar of Islam and mandatory for those who are financially and physically able to do that.

Hajj is to perform at least once in the lifetime of a Muslim. It carries many rituals that go back to the time of Prophet Hazrat Ibraham PBUH. One such rite performed by all pilgrims commemorates the story of the Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim PBUH when he was ordered by Allah Almighty to leave alone his wife named as Hagar and his son Ismail in the desert. When the child became thirsty due to the extreme weather condition, his mother went to and forth in a panic trying to search water between two hills named as Al Marwah and Al Safa which are closed to the Khana Kaaba. However, her efforts were in vain and she returned to her crying baby. At that moment, baby Ismail, crying in despair hit the ground or the angel Gabriel PBUH, hit the ground with the tip of his wing and water sprang out as said according to the Muslims believers.

The name of Zam Zam arrives from the phrase ‘stop, stop, which Hajar keep saying when water sprang out below her feet in fear that it might finish.  Hazrat Ibrahim PBUH, upon his return, built the house of Allah Almighty which is named as the Khana Kaba near the well so pilgrims when come to perform religious obligation they can drink it. It was Hazrat Ibraham who called people to come perform the pilgrimage as he and his son Ismail made the Khana Kaaba following Allah Almighty command.

Today, commemorating the acts of Hajar is a ritual in Haj and Umrah known as Sai. It reminds us the quest of Hajars for her son and Allah Almighty mercy in answering her prayers and making a miracle. The well of Zam-zam is said to never run out of the water supply and today it is given freely to all pilgrims and is available for all. It is regarded as a blessing to drink this water and many pilgrims return home with bottles full of it to give it to the relatives.

The Grand Mosque named as Al-Masjid al-haram is surrounded by Islams holiest region, the Kaaba. It is the largest mosque in the world and is located in the city of Makkah located in Saudi Arabia. Muslims throughout the world turn toward Kaaba while performing prayer.

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