10 Lessons to discover During Pilgrimage towards Allah with the Best Hajj Tour Operator UK

Hajj is one of the Religious obligation performed by the Muslims from all over the world. When you plan to go on the divine path of Allah Almighty which is actually a journey which tends to make a huge change in your life irrespective of your character and what you are facing. When you plan your journey of Hajj by choosing the Hajj Packages provided by different travel operator present in your respective country. Muslims from all over the world wear ihram i.e. during the pilgrimage clothing for men.

When you stay with others during the pilgrimage and pay little importance to the people cast that are present around you and make your prayer collectively with them to Allah Almighty this is the thing that eliminate the arrogance and feeling of superiority from others. People try to get their hands on Hajj Packages.

You should feel lucky if you go for the Hajj this year. It is actually a journey of celebration, a celebration of love and peace. While you are in the midst of your daily life problems and plan to perform Hajj then doing this will make you feel more comfortable and relax. The performance of this Holy obligation make pilgrims to forget their fears, doubts and guide you find out the way for everything.

Here are some questions that are present in the mind of every person that includes Will I complete all rituals with satisfaction? Would my Hajj be acknowledged?

Here are the best lessons from which one can be inspired in their daily life:

  1. Remember Allah Almighty before starting anything.
  2. Keeping Kaaba as center point of Tawaf, it leads in keeping religion as the center point, the main focus of our lives.
  3. Undertake the journey in the ocean of humankind, among individuals of various countries.
  4. Patiently put up with them – you will succeed in the end. Similarly, as individuals you can be pushed but be patient as you are in the House of Allah Almighty.
  5. Show care and respect to the old and very young by giving them the way.Treat them well.
  6. Protect women, young and old.
  7. As you hold fast to dua’s during tawaf, hold fast to righteousness in your life.
  8. As you circumambulate, there are points where you can experience suffocation because of the crowds and compare this to times of desperation, anxiety, worry and frustration at that moment but if you keep patient keeping focus on your prayer you will notice the crowd thinning out or a gap created from nowhere in front of you and that gives a release of fresh air, you feel refreshed, relieved from tensions and worries. People find Cheapest Hajj Packages to travel in the Budget and it is sometime in groups.
  9. Allah makes no gender discrimination in blessing whether its Men or Women all are equal in front of Allah with an equal responsibility and role in life as a Muslim.
  10. Simplicity in dress/appearance and purity of intention, mind-heart and body are obligatory things that need to be added in our life.