4 Divine Spiritual Feelings during 15 Days Umrah Packages

Umrah is a holy journey to Makkah and Madinah. Pilgrims from all over the world visit to holy places at any time of the year. These are the religious places linked with the life of Hazrat Muhammad hence every Muslims wishes to go there and pray to Allah Almighty near Khana Kaaba at least once in their lifetime.

The vibes of Umrah pull pilgrims out of their environment and put them into a new environment of peace. Umrah is a holy journey undertaken to please Allah Almighty. People book Umrah Packages to complete their travel arrangements.

From over decades, Muslims are performing this holy pilgrimage, as it is one of the most favorite act performed by the Muslims for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and for his last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Let’s observe the spiritual divine feelings of pilgrims performing Umrah near the Khana Kaaba where they immerse themselves into the calm environment of praying.

1. A walk towards purification of soul

 Prophet Hazrat Muhammad said that “Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the heavens will have forgiveness on you.”

To achieve the blessings of Allah Almighty through Umrah leave behind the vexatious intentions and practices performed in your life. With an objective to accomplish our mission to praise Allah Almighty and leave the worries and tension in one life behind, we should be keen during our pray to Allah Almighty during this journey. We must make a special promise to Allah SWT that we are here to purify our souls and abandon our selfish yearnings.

2. Dedicating yourself to Allah Almighty

In Quran Allah Almighty says, “He will indeed be successful who purifies it [his soul]” (al-Shams 91; 9)

While leaving common dress and putting Ihram, one should remove all the unnecessary things from his heart except Allah SWT. One of the ways to giving our promise to Allah Almighty and making a clear goal for the satisfaction of journey just for Allah SWT is to eliminate all the interests in our heart that includes the desire for wealth, acclaim, and rank. Cheap Umrah Packages are also provided by the travel operators to facilitate the costumers.

3. To be physically and spiritually cleansed

Explaining the outcomes of honest deeds performed during Umrah Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH expressed the reason for this sacred demonstration of worship:

“Combine the performance of Umrah (minor pilgrimage) and Hajj (major pilgrimage), for they eliminate the sins just as the bellows eliminate rust from iron”. (Nasai, Manasik, 6; Ibn Majah, Manasik, 3)

In Islam, the soul purification is one of the important Islamic rituals and narrations that has given high importance by Allah Almighty. Hajj and Umrah are the two obligation in Islam that Muslim wishes to perform merely for Allah’s pleasure to ask forgiveness of sins they have committed in their life along with the purpose to  acquire the desired level of purification that Allah Almighty wants for his followers to be distinguished at day of Judgement. Cheapest Hajj Packages can be chose by the people to make their journey under budget.

4. Throwing stones at the Devil inside us

 It is something that is not created anywhere else in the world. Throwing stones at the Devil initiates with stoning Shatan inside our heart. We must always ask questions to ourselves that to what extent we are stoning our hesitations, mistakes, and doubts. The wonderful, satisfying and humbling experience will be felt after doing this practice and one will feel obedient to Allah Almighty.