Guide to Visit Makkah

When a person to travel he should keep the things light and only take the essentials. Many pilgrims when plan to visit Makkah they directly fly to Jeddah and then move to Makkah by bus. Once a person reach to Makkah there are two rituals that can be performed by the person. First one is Umrah which is referred as lesser pilgrimage or Umrah get to Mecca, there are two rituals which you can perform; the lesser pilgrimage or Umrah and Hajj termed as main pilgrimage. In order to visit to Makkah people try to get the Umrah Packages and while those having a definite budget look for Cheap Umrah Packages.

The Umrah is non- mandatory optional pilgrimage, although it includes some of the rituals that are identical of the Hajj, they are short and they are few in numbers. Most of the pilgrims who comes to perform Hajj arrives at Makkah a few days earlier in order to perform Umrah first. Performing Umrah along with the Hajj is called as Hajj Tamattu and it is the most exercised type of Hajj by Pilgrims


In order to carry out the pilgrimage rituals you firstly need to be in state of Ihram which is termed as special state of purity during the performance of rituals. This state is achieved by wearing a pair of two white clothes. People take Umrah Packages from travel operators to travel for Umrah.

The person on the being in the state of Ihram should not engage in marital relations, Use cologne or scented oils, kill or hunt anything is forbidden, prevent oneself from Fight or argue. Women must not cover their faces but if they need to do so it should be done with a separate cloth. Men may not wear clothes with stitching. Bathing is allowed but scented soaps should not be used.

Person wear Ihram at meeqat also termed as entry station of Holy Mosque, a place outside the Makkah. This is place where person bath , put on the Ihram the special  pair of white clothes, make the intention for Umrah and begin reciting  specific verses the Talbiya Du'a (prayer).Then the pilgrim enters to the Masjid al Haram keeping the right first first and walk around the Ka'ba seven times repeating du'as and prayers. This is called as Tawaf and first rite of Umrah. Afterwards Pilgrim should drink Zam Zam water from the well. This is sacred well which sprang out near the feet of Ismail son of Hazrat Ibrahim to save his and his mother life from dying in thirst. Next step is pilgrim walk toward the walkway between the two hills named as Safa and Marwa and walk back and forth between these two hills seven times. This completes the Umrah portion of the Hajj rituals and some of the Ihram limitations are relaxed.


Now pilgrim will make intention for the Hajj and put the Ihram again. Pilgrim travel to Mina on the 8th of Dhul Hijjah according to Islamic calendar while date varies every year and pilgrim stay there remain until Fajr (dawn) next morning. Then pilgrim travels to the valley of Arafat and stand in the open ground and praises Allah Almighty. The weather condition of Arabia at noon provides a scenario what the Day of Judgment will be like. At the end of the day pilgrim travel to Muzdalifah for the night and gather 49 or 70 small stones to throw on shaitan on the next day.

In the morning pilgrim return to Mina and throws the collected stones at pillars called Jamraat. These pillars represent the devil. Then pilgrim sacrifice an animal which is lamb or sheep and this act which is called Qurbani. The meat of the animal is distributed among the poor and needy people. After this, men’s shave their head and women cut their hair to a specific length. Then pilgrim  return to Makkah and do a farewell Tawaf  around the Khana Kaaba , ask Allah Almighty to forgive them for their sins they have committed until now and make a du’a  after these rites Hajj is completed. Many people then go to visit Prophet's Mosque situated in Medina, but this is a persona choice. A man who has completed the Hajj is called a Hajji, while the woman who has completed is called Hajjah. At the end of the Hajj, Muslims from all around the globe celebrate the festival known as the Eid ul Adha or Festival of the sacrifice. This festival is celebrated in order to remember the obedience of the Prophet Ibrahim when he was ordered to sacrifice his son Is'mail .Ibrahim proved his love and devotion to Allah Almighty by showing his willingness to sacrifice his beloved son on the command of Allah Almighty. In the end Ibrahim did not have to sacrifice his son as Allah gave him a ram to sacrifice instead of this son due to his love and devotion towards Allah Almighty. People travel to Makkah and Madinah for Hajj by using the Hajj Packages in order to have ease and comfort in their journey.