Hajj 2017: When is the annual Makkah Pilgrimage? Who goes? Is it safe?

The Hajj is a religious mandatory obligation offered by the Muslims. It is a five day annual pilgrimage done by the Muslims and for the performance of this obligation Muslims travel to Makkah and Madinah situated in Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the world’s largest annual gathering of people. Hajj Packages are used by the people to travel with ease and comfort. 

When it occur?

It is expected to take place from August 30 to 4 September, 2017. Hajj starts on the eighth day of the Dhul Hijjah, last month according to the Hijri calendar and ends on 13th day while the religious rituals are completed in five days.

Who go to the journey?

All the Muslims around the globe from their respective country go for Hajj at least once in their lifetime, if they possess the wealth and physical fitness to perform this holy journey. Millions of Muslim join other Muslims from around the globe to perform this holy obligation.

 Importance of Hajj

This is the place on earth where all the sign of wealth and status have no place no one is inferior here everyone is equal. The most important purpose and the teaching of Hajj is to the serve the Muslims with the idea that everybody is equal in the eyes of Allah Almighty. It is the last pillar of Islam and it describe the journey taken by the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed in AD632. It main purpose of this holy obligation is to bring Muslims from all nationalities all around the world together so that they can purify themselves from the sins they have committed in their life until now and bringing them closer to Allah Almighty to seek his limitless blessings. Eid al-Adha, is a religious festival of Muslims. It is also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice because it commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim willingness to sacrifice his son under the command of Allah Almighty. People try to get Cheap Hajj Packages in order to make visit in budget.

News Regarding Hajj in Recent Years

According to the details 760 pilgrims died last year’s. This number include more than 400 Iranians Hajj during a stampede, including more than 400 Iranians. 

It is the official number given by Saudi Arabian Government. The  total could be high as 2, 180.Total 2 million people gathered at the holy site of Mina – that is situated about three miles from Mecca , to throw stones at pillars representing the devil, but the place was over crowded so the incident happen. More than 930 were also injured in the incident which was the deadliest in 25 years. Saudi Arabian Government have spent Millions of dollars to make improvement in infrastructure and transport facility to the Hajj Pilgrims during their journey.

Is Hajj safe? What advice does the Foreign and Commonwealth Office offer?

Every year large number of people are effected by Hajj fraudsters. The City of London police said this year: “Most of the people arrive in Saudi Arabia and they discover that no hotel is booked and un-authorized travel operators disappeared by taking thousands of pound of their money. Firstly, the pilgrim should check that the company he is choosing as a travel partner is ATOL-protected or not. One should keep the following things in mind before travelling. Group Packages are Cheapest Group Packages avail by the pilgrims during their travelling.

  • Make sure your travel you are choosing is a member of a recognized trade association such as the ABTA. All ABTA members are restricted to follow a code of conduct so that eliminate the risk of fraud. 
  • Get all your terms and conditions in writing, the details includes ensuring flight details, accommodation and Hajj visa
  • Travel insurance covers all aspects of the journey.
  • Appropriate vaccinations have been taken.
  • Read the local laws and customs.