How to perform an Umrah

Umrah is one of the religious obligation offered by the Muslims from all over the world to seek Blessing of Allah Almighty and forgiveness of the sins they have committed in their life. It is an Arabic word meaning “a visit to populated place”. It is offered by the Muslims at any time of the year. In order to travel for Umarh people look for Umrah Packages.

There are four major steps in Umrah. First is Ihraam which pilgrims wear at Meeqat. Second one is Tawaf that is done around the Khana Kaaba. Third one is known as Sa’i movement between the Safa and Marva, the two mountains. Fourth one is to come out of Ihram after the completion of Umrah.

When person plans to perform Umrah then he have to wear the Ihram in order to perform the rituals in. Men and Women should take proper bath and if they can’t take bath at Meeqat it is not a problem but before this they need to clean their body completely. Men’s wear Ihram while there is no specific dress for women but they need to cover their body leaving face and hand uncovered but if they want to cover it separate instruction are present,  that are they should  cover their face and hand with a separate cloth. Men’s Ihram constitute of a two piece white cloth. One piece named as Ridaa is worn on top part of the body and Izaar is worn on the lower part of the body without any other thing beneath it.

After being in the state of Ihram you should enter to Masjid Al Haraam by placing the right foot first and saying some specific recitation and then after moving toward Kaaba close to the black stone then touch it with your right hand and kiss but if you are not able to do that point towards it and recite the specific recitations. You should be keep walking in the direction that Kaaba should be on left, the corner is named as Yamaani corner if you can touch it but if you are not able to do it then point in that direction and recite the specific recitation.

Coming to Tawaaf pilgrims have to complete the seven circles around the Kaaba then move to Mauqam-e-Ibrahim and pray 2 Rakhat close to the place as much as you can get. After this Pilgrim move to Safa they reach at the maximum height so that the Kaaba can be visible and then move to Marwa this process has to be repeated seven times followed by the specific recitations. This is done in order to remember the event of Hazrat Ibrahim’s wife, she did in search of water for his son Ismail.

After the completion of this the Men’s and Women’s have to cut their hairs, separate instruction are available regarding the hair cutting. Men’s shave their head while Women’s cut hair to a fingertip length. After doing this the rituals of Umrah is completed and Pilgrims can come out from the state of Ihram Cheapest Umrah Packages.