How to Perform Hajj

Hajj is one of the religious obligation offered by the Muslims. It is a mandatory obligation for those Muslims who are able to bear the expenditure and are physically able to complete all the rituals of this holy obligation. Muslims from all over the world visits Makkah and Madinah situated in Saudi Arabia. It is performed at the specific time according to the Hijri calendar in the month of Dhul Hijjah starting from 8 Dhul Hijjah and ends at 13 Dhul Hijjah. Hajj is purely a religious obligation in which people only comes to seek the blessing of Allah Almighty leaving the materialistic world behind. Hajj offered by the Muslims should be in accordance to the teaching of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. In order to fulfill the obligation of Hajj people select Hajj Packages offered by the different travel operator.

Preparation of Hajj

A Muslim should be serious and very dedicated toward this holy obligation. All the  things that are going in his life or any issues he faces should be kept aside while performing this obligation as it the just the matter between the person and Allah Almighty. Person seeks blessing and as for mercy to Allah Almighty during this obligation through his prayers and dedication to obey all the commands of Allah.

Decide the type of Hajj you will perform

Muslims have can perform three different type of Hajj Packages according to the requirement and time the pilgrims have. The types are as follows:


The meaning of ‘Ifrad’ is “isolation” and the person performing it known as “Mufrid”. In this category Mufrid enter to the holy place in state of Ihram at meeqat with intention to only perform the Hajj. Here he or she do not perform Umrah.

The pilgrim remain in the state of Ihram until he fullfil all the rituals of hajj until the last Tawaf known as Tawaf-e –Wida and here the sacrifice of animal is not obligatory.

Hajj al Qiran

The word Qiran means “Conjuring”. In this pilgrim enter the holy place in Ihram at meeqat with the intention of offering both Hajj and Umrah. The pilgrim is not allowed to finish the state of Ihram after performing first step he has to be in that state until all the rituals of both Hajj and Umrah have been performed.

Hajj al Tamattu

The word Tamattu refers to “to ease and comfort”. This one is the easiest and most adopted way to perform Hajj. In this pilgrim can wear separate Ihram for Hajj and Umrah. The person doing Hajj al tamattu is called as “Mutamatti”.In this the Pilgrim first perform the ritual of Umrah and then the rituals of Hajj.

Plan your trip to Saudi Arabia

In order to perform Hajj Muslims travel to Makkah and Madinah situated in Saudi Arabia. The Hajj begin at 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah and end at 12th of Dhul Hijjah the last month according to the Islamic calendar. Cheap Hajj Packages are selected by te people to travel in their desired budget.

The visa is issued by the Saudi Arabian government to the Muslims of different country through proper channel on having a valid passport. Muslims directly go to Jeddah and then travel to Makkah on buses or according to their ease. Pilgrims may also travel to the city holy in form of groups, individually or with family.

Prepare yourself for Hajj

Men and women both should prepare their selves to perform this holy obligation. Clothing should be simple cologne, perfume, makeup and scented soaps should be avoided by the pilgrims. When pilgrim enter to the state of Ihram smoking, shaving, cutting, sexual interaction are forbidden in this state of purity.

Performing Rituals


Men should wear Ihram a two piece white cloth without any kind of stitching on it. Ihram should be wear on the point of Meeqat before entering to the Mosque. Men should cut their nails, hair take bath properly remove unwanted body hair. The main purpose of this dress is that every person during this journey either he wealthy person or a mediocre both wear the same dress.

Women should avoid makeup, take bath properly, they should wear simple clothes. Women should cover their body leaving face and hands uncovered and the head should be covered by using veil or scarf.

Say Talbiyah

After being in the state of Ihram at Miqat the pilgrims should recite Niyyah - a short recitation recited with the intention to complete the Umrah. Then pilgrim again recite Talbiyh a specific recitation that is recited often during the pilgrimage.

Proceed toward Ka’bah

Pilgrim enter in this holy place by keeping right foot first. It is the most sacred place for the Muslims on earth. When Muslims sees ka’bah they recite specific verses in order to praise the Allah Almighty.

Perform Tawaf

Pilgrims do tawaf in which they move in anti-clock wise direction around the Ka’bah seven time and recite the specific verses. If they can go close to it one must should otherwise you have to point the direction toward it and if you can touch the black stone you should otherwise you should point the direction toward it. During this Men should uncover their shoulders and after the completion of it they can cover again their shoulder.

Perform Sa’I

It is the movement down by the Pilgrims between the two hills named as Safa and Marwa. This act is done in order to remember the hardship faced by the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim along with his son in search of water.  While going back and forth seven times pilgrims recite specific verses.

Cutting of Hairs

Men’s cut their hair to a specific length or shave their heads while Women also cut their hairs to a specific length.

Performing rites of Hajj

Pilgrim should wear the Ihram and make this mind and intention to perform the Hajj. Hajj rites constitute of 5 days starting from 8 to 13 Dhul Hijjah.

Heading to Mina

On first day pilgrim move to mina a place in Makkah. They are tents provided to te pilgrims. Pilgrims spend time in offering prayers. In mina men and women stay in separate tent adjacent to each other.

Heading to Arafat

One second day pilgrim move to Arafat a mountain. Pilgrim reach in afternoon at that place and perform Waquf. No specific prayer is assigned they just simply pray to Allah Almighty.

Pray at Muzdalifah

After sunset pilgrim move to Muzdalifah offer Maghrib prayer and spend night under the sky. In morning they collect pebbles for throwing at Devil.

Perform Ramy at Mina

Pilgrims move to place Mina where they perform Ramy the act of throwing stones on the pillars that symbolizes the Devil.

Offer a Sacrifice

After this pilgrim has to offer a sacrifice of an animal. Meat is distributed among the poor and needy. Animal sacrifice can be made at any point on 10, 11 and 12 Dhu al –Hijah

Cutting of Hairs

Pilgrims cut or shave their hairs Instruction for Men and Women are different. Men can completely shave or reduced the length of hairs while women have to cut the hair to a specific length not shaved.

Perform Tawaf and Sai

Pilgrim need to perform Tawaf and Sa’i just like performed in Umrah. It is highly recommended that these should be done after cutting, stoning and hair cutting ritual.

Repeat Ramy after sunset on fourth and fifth day

In mina pilgrim should once again participate in throwing of stone toward devil. First throw three pebbles at Jamrat Oolah and finally three at Jamrat al Aqabah.

Perform Farewell Tawaf

Pilgrim perform another Tawaf as a farewell rite. Pilgrim moven in counter clock wise direction around the Kaa’bah and after this their Hajj is completed. After completion many move to Madinah to visit the holiest places. People prefer to travel in groups as it is a way to get Cheapest Hajj Packages as per head expenditures are reduced.