Purpose of performing Umrah

What is Umrah?

Umrah is also termed as minor pilgrimage and it is a religious obligation offered by the Muslims at any time during the year. It can also be performed along with the Hajj with Hajj Packages and on other days as well in a year. As it is said in Quran: “accomplish Hajj and Umrah to please Allah Almighty”.

Importance of Mahram

The availability of Mahram is important as it regulates everyday human interaction and social activities. Umrah has millions of people gathered in Makkah from all over the world. Due to the large crowd of people and communities, it is highly recommended for women to be with their respective Mahram in order to ensure the safety and dignity of their own during the trip. Umrah Packages are also selected by the pilgrims when they plan their trip for Umrah.

The Important Advice

  • Pilgrims should have control on your eyesight. When travelling especially to Makkah men and women tend to mix with each other.
  • Protection of women; each woman traveling with a Mahram is his responsibility to ensure that no harm comes to her. Don’t intermingle with the opposite sex referring to non-mahram, particular those traveling in group and hotel; this is not allowed under all circumstances.
  • Seek some necessary knowledge from trustworthy sources before going to perform the Umrah with Umrah Packages.
  • Spread Salam wherever you go everyone Muslim in the Haramayn.
  • Always give importance and respect elder people and help them whenever you can.
  •  Do not answer your phone while performing Tawaf; those who do this are showing scant regard for the sanctity of the blessed place of Khana Kaaba.
  • Don’t take photos. Muslims taking pictures/videos of anything or anyone in sight in order to prove the world where they are. Cheap Umrah Packages are provided to the pilgrims to facilitate them in their traveling.
  • Be patient and don’t lose your temper during your trip. Be friendly you will meet good people during your trip. Learning some Arabic before your trip will be helpful.
  • If you are smoking, please try to quit. If you are not able to do it please limit it to your hotel (room).
  • Some Muslims more likely in Makkah might offer you some Naseehah, if you make a mistake. Be humble and accept it. If you are physically fit then it will be easier to perform the rituals associated with Hajj and Umrah. Cheapest Umrah Packages are also provided in the form of Group Packages as the expenses in the group packages are reduced.

Umrah is regarded as a minor pilgrimage with only part of the required rituals performed. Whosoever enters the Miqaat in the state of Ihram which is referred as the boundary of the Holy Land and after that pilgrim perform Umrah that includes Tawaaf which are seven circuits around the Holy Khana Kabah and Sai which is seven times walk between two hills named as Safa and Marwa.