Ramadan: The Seven Pillars of Great Fasting Unveiled

Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and it one of the fast tracks to fulfill the goal of Taqwa that refers toward fearing of Allah Almighty. Great fasting isn’t about going through the motions of temperance and being Islamic for a specific period and afterwards returning to a normal life. It’s about building firm pillars and safeguarding them to move facts from routine life. When people plan their trip for Umrah they try to get suitable Hajj Packages.

And the worldly life is not but just referred as an amusement and diversion; but the home of the Hereafter is best for those who fear Allah Almighty, so will you not reason (Al-Anam, 6:32)

The seven pillars that are as follows will help to grow, improve and excel in every aspect of life.

1. Sunnah                 

Fast as the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad did. He also fasted except Ramadan like on Mondays and Thursdays in a week.  Try to break your fast with dates or water. Make a Dua at the time of breaking fast.

2. Simplicity

Allah does not place a burden heavier than your soul can bear. Make things simple for yourself while fasting in Ramadan. Engage in rewarding and productive acts so one don’t lose the spiritual importance of the fast.

3. Self-Control

Great fasting requires a great deal of self-control. For children learning to fast, this may be a point of weakness that improves with the practice and age. As an adult, you may not ask for food or water, but you may complain internally about the stress involved it’s natural.

For good fasting, you need to exercise self-control that is not just related to food, drink and relations with a spouse but also with your speech, actions and manners. Ones should lower his gaze, drop bad habits and try hard to replace them with better ones. Cheap Hajj Packages are also offered by the travel companies to facilitate the customer in their travel with all basic facilities.

4. Support

Fasting is an individual act, but you can be motivated when you sit with your siblings, spouse and friends to fast regularly throughout the year. Even you fast every Monday and Thursday, have Iftaar together, do read a portion of the Quran as it becomes a healthy competition and motivation for an individual.

5. Schedule

Develop a schedule for the days during the month of fasting. Strictly follow it so it becomes a habit and regular part of an activities. During the month of Ramadan reduce your appointments and other activities, plan your time ahead so you can focus more on the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Plan your schedule around Suhoor, Iftaar, Tahajjud and prayer times.

6. Sincerity

 Everything a Muslim does should be based on sincerity and his intentions. Allah knows what you make secret or do openly and you will be rewarded according to your deeds. When you fast, do it purely for the sake of Allah Almighty. Cheapest Hajj Packages provide all the basic facilities under the budget.

7. Space

You may call it space for soul searching, deep thinking or mindful reflection. What you need is mental space. You can think over:

“Ranks of those who fast before Allah Almighty;

“What you want to get out of fasting;

“How to self-improve and model a true Islamic identity;

“Your goal of Taqwa.

The best tool to help you achieve all these is the Holy Quran.