Reason to go for Pilgrimage to Makkah

Hajj is known as the largest pilgrimage in the world. It is one of the five pillars of Islamic religion. It is mandatory of every Muslims in the world who possess the world and he is physically fit to perform this holy obligation. It is an opportunity to get the limitless blessings of Allah Almighty and forgiveness of the sins they have committed in their life Cheap Hajj Packages. It should be performed once in their life. It is a pilgrimage having a very old history since ancient times from the time of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad in the 7th century. Hadith is a narrations originating from the words and deeds of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. According to Hadith, the performance of the Hajj trace back to the time of Abraham, around 2000 BC .Entire Muslim community knows that the Prophet Ibrahim was ordered by Allah (God) to leave his wife Hajra and his infant son Ismail alone in the desert Hajj Packages.

After the departure of Hazrat Ibrahim, the child became thirsty due to the extreme weather in desert, and his wife Hajra ran back and forth seven times searching for water for her son Ismail. The baby cried and hit the ground and surprisingly water sprang out. This source of water is today known as the Well of Zam Zam Cheapest Hajj Packages. However, some people believes that an angel scraped child's foot or the tip of his wing along the ground to bring the water out.

Before the Muhammad’s era, every year groups from all around the Arabian Peninsula would converge on Mecca, as part of the pilgrimage Hajj Packages. The actual conviction of the tribes was not relevant at that time, and Christian Arabs were as likely to be atheist.

Pilgrims usually perform Hajj in groups, as a symbol of unity and solidarity. In order to help people perform Hajj successfully with ease and comfort, many airlines arrange special packages for Muslims going to Makkah Cheapest Hajj Packages. Secondly ships also take pilgrims to Makkah so that they can perform Hajj.

During the Hajj processions, male pilgrims are required to be in a special dress, known as ihram. It is a garment consisting of two pairs of white cloths. Muslims must wear ihram at the pint of Meeqat then entering to the Holy Mosque with right foot and then perform all the rituals included in the Hajj whereas women’s are not having a special dress for this according to religion they have to cover their body leaving face and hand uncovered but if they want to do it separate cloth should be used to cover the hands and face.

Pilgrims goes to Makkah and Madinah to complete the rituals included in Hajj. The solely reason to perform this holy obligation is to get the Blessings of Allah Almighty and ask for his Mercy Cheap Hajj Packages. It is also an opportunity to start a new life as after the performance of Hajj the person is cleaned from the sins as anew born baby. So one should live the life under the obedience of Allah Almighty and under the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad to be successful hereafter.