The Different Schools of Islam

Islam is one of the largest religions with its different branches in the world and schools follow a similar division to other important religions such as Christianity. Each of these branches in Islam follows specific rules and they all are different from one another.

The Largest Denomination – Sunni

Sunni Muslims refers to the largest school of thought in Islam. The base idea behind this school of thought is, the term Sunni is derived from the word Sunnah, which is the name attributed to the record of teachings, deeds, sayings, and disapprovals of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. Sunni Muslims follow and maintain the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad. In addition to this in many countries, the majority of Muslims are Sunnis, so they are generally just referred as Muslims rather than their denomination. People choose the suitable Hajj Packages from the travel operators to have ease in their journey.

The Second-Largest Denomination – Shia

Shia Muslims account for around 10 – 15% of all Muslims. The Shia Muslim are in minority.The majority of Shia Muslims are residing in Iraq, Iran, and other Middle-Eastern countries such as Lebanon. The reason why there are two main Islamic schools of thought is the belief of who should succeed the Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad.

In Sunni belief, the rightful successor of Hazrat Muhammad is Abu Bakr and the three that succeeded him that includes Umar ibn al-Khattab, Uthman Ibn Affan, and Ali Ibn Abu Talib referred as the Rashidun Caliphs. However, in Shia belief, the rightful successor of Hazrat Muhammad is Ali ibn Abu Talib, Hazrat Muhammad’s cousin, and son-in-law.Shia Muslims disregard the authority of the first three Rashidun Caliphs as they are living with the  believe that the bloodline of Hazrat Muhammad has spiritual and political authority over the community.

Less-Traditional Schools of Thought

Other than Sunni and Shia in Muslim community there are some other Islamic sects that were founded recently around 300 – 400 years ago. These schools include Al-Ibadhiyyah and Sufism. In order to facilitate the pilgrims companies offer Hajj Packages and Cheap Hajj Packages.

The school of Islam that is dominant in Oman is called as Al-Ibadhiyyah and can also be found in North African countries that include Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. This school of thought is believed to have originated from a pre-existing Islamic school of thought referred as the Khawarij but many people belonging to Ibadis refuse to accept this fact this.

Sufism is a school of that focuses on the mystical and spiritual dimension of Islam. Sufis name given to the followers of Sufism, strive for perfection of worship that is stated in a hadith and they also state that Hazrat Muhammad is the primary perfect man, their leader, and the ultimate spiritual guide. Cheapest Hajj Packages are also offer to facilitate the customers in their budget.

Even though there are various branches of Islam with each one having different belief systems but they all fundamentally follow the Islamic faith and accept the Five Pillars of Islam.