The Importance of Umrah

Umrah is a religious non-mandatory obligation offered by the Muslims from all over the world. Muslims around the globe visits Makkah and Madinah located in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with Umrah Packages. People perform it in order to seek the blessings and forgiveness of Allah Almighty. Umrah Packages are chosen by the pilgrim when they plan to go for Umrah.

Umrah is an important but non-mandatory pilgrimage as compared to Hajj that is performed by Muslims from all over the world and it can be performed at any time of the year. A lot of people in Muslim community consider it to be the minor pilgrimage, whereas the Hajj is considered to be the major pilgrimage. However, just because the Umrah is not significant as the Hajj but it does not mean that it is not important in general.

What Happens in the Umrah?

According to the Islamic Law, the Umrah includes many rituals that are similar to the Hajj pilgrimage that includes the performance of Tawaf around the Khana Kaaba seven times and second comes the Sa’i which is the movement between the two hills named as Al-Safa and Al-Marwah that are located within the territory of Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. In order to perform the Umrah, all Muslims need to assume Ihram which is the state of purity. If Ihram isn’t assumed by Muslims, then the Umrah is not considered valid. After the Tawaf and Sa’I ritual men have to perform a Halq - which refers to a complete shave of the head and women have to perform a Taqsir - a partial shortening of the hair to one inch or more. Cheap Umrah Packages are also offered by the travel companies to facilitate the customers.

What Is Ihram?

In Islam, the Ihram refers to the sacred state of purity that a Muslim must enter before they perform Umrah or Hajj with Hajj Packages. Muslims must enter this state before they can go on to the pilgrimage, the state of Ihram includes cleansing rituals and wearing of the correct garments.

 In the state of Ihram, there are specific things that Muslims are prohibited from doing, this includes smoking, use of perfume or scented products, and even wearing knots or seamed garments. The point of the Ihram is to enter a state where Muslims focus entirely on Allah Almighty (SWT) and their spiritual journey with no other distractions in their mind.

How Is Sacred the Umrah?

In Islam, the Umrah is the second most sacred event and the religious obligation for Muslims after the Hajj pilgrimage. The significance of the Umrah is that it cleanses away Muslim’s sins or sinful deeds committed in their life. A lot of Muslims tend to perform the Umrah once in their lifetime but according to some hadiths, it is a religious obligation that all Muslims must strive to complete multiple times in their life. Cheapest Umrah Packages are provided in form of group packages.