Umrah a feel closer to Allah Almighty

Oh, Allah Almighty select me to pray when I can be near to the Khana Kaaba wall for the day. It is the daily prayer of every Muslim to Allah Almighty that when that time will come when he will be praying Salat near the Khana Kaaba wall and have a feeling of being closed to Allah Almighty.

The desire to view the Kabah for the first time and reigniting the inner spiritual love with Allah Almighty in his house is a blessing very Muslim wish to have. The participation in traveling itself is loaded with expectations and the excitement. The minute you enter the blessed and sacred land the main thing left in your heart is amazing view and peaceful environment. You have made your way to the most sacred place on the earth, the place picked by Allah Almighty for his divine house, all the distractions of the world will be overlooked by immersing yourself deeply into Allah Almighty destination. Umrah Packages are selected by the pilgrim’s according to their need and budget.

Winds blow over your face sense like a breeze and support your heart. It’s the sacred land. Allah Almighty gave chance to his followers to reunite with him and purify the soul.

Ibadah in Umrah

The ibadah, most desired ritual can be accomplished anytime, in any month throughout the whole year as in Islam religion there is no specific time to perform Umrah but performed in the holy month of Ramadan the award is greater. A huge number of Muslims from all over the world visit Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Madinah Al-Munawwarah

A spiritual journey of a lifetime starts with amazing, awesome, life-changing experience. Praise to Allah Almighty for giving the opportunity to visit His Holy Haram Land.

Makkah and Madinah have now transformed into present day developed urban cities. They don’t fit into the picture of the urban areas as seen in the books of Islamic history or have found in the Islamic motion pictures. Cheap Umrah Packages are also available to facilitate the customer in term of budget.

In the state of Ihram, keep your feet in the Sacred Mosque and gaze at the Khana Kaaba, the House of Allah Almighty leaves you with a feeling of happiness. The Salaah you offer there is the most virtuous and full of devotion toward Allah. Tawaf around the Kaaba gives you a chance to manifest the new strength that your heart gained, and you recite Talbiyah, signifying your presence to the Allah Almighty, seeking his blessings and forgiveness of sins committed in the life until now.

The cave of Hira reminds of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad’s SAW mission for faith and the main disclosure of truth that he got from Allah. When the times come to depart from this spiritual city eyes are filled with the tears however your heart is not unfilled. It’s loaded with confidence and an assurance to obey Allah Almighty in the life and to follow the teachings of his beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. Cheapest Umrah Packages are available in form of group packages as the expenses in group packages are reduced.