What Vaccines do you need to perform Umrah

One of the most important things that pilgrim need to ensure to go before performing the Umrah pilgrimage is to ensure that one is  physically fit and healthy enough to perform the rituals of the Umrah. When it comes to the trip, just getting there can be quite a tiring experience, especially when you are travelling from a cold country, such as the UK, which has a completely different climate as compared to Saudi Arabia. People try to get their hands on Umrah Packages when they plan to go for Umrah.

Before you go to perform the Umrah pilgrimage, you also need to make sure that you undergo the correct medical procedures that includes health checks and vaccines. But what do these actually include?

Umrah Vaccination Requirements

No matter which country you are travelling from, it is mandatory in Saudi Arabian law that visitors from any country arriving for the Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage, or if you are coming for seasonal work, you must produce a certificate of vaccination against the meningococcal meningitis infection ACWY.

For visa purposes, there are two types of vaccines that are valid:

Conjugate vaccine – this is a single dose that is given no late than 8 years and not less than 10 days prior to enter in Saudi Arabia.

Polysaccharide vaccine – this is also a single dose but it is given no late than 3 years and not less than 10 days prior to enter in Saudi Arabia

There are additional requirements especially for the visitors that are arriving from countries that are located in the African Meningitis Belt. Cheap Umrah Packages are also offered by the different travel operators to attract the customers.

Additional Requirements from Countries Other Than the UK

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has also listed the countries other than the UK that need to undergo additional vaccination requirements that include the following:

Yellow Fever – all travelers arriving from countries known to be infected with Yellow Fever (as stated by the WHO) must present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate along with them.

Poliomyelitis – irrespective of the age and vaccination status, a proof in form of document related to a dose of oral or inactivated polio vaccine within the period of past 12 months, and at least for week prior to the traveling is required for visa purposes from certain countries around the world.

Other Requirements from UK Residents

It is also important that residents from the UK that are travelling for their Umrah pilgrimage are up to date for their recommended immunizations; this includes five doses of tetanus and polio vaccines.

In case the traveler’s last polio vaccination was more than ten years ago, then a booster dose should be given to the person.

There are also some other vaccines that should be taken and are recommended by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health which are as follows:

Seasonal Influenza – for people that have an increased risk of getting this, that includes pregnant women, children under five years old, the elderly, and those having chest or heart diseases are recommended to get this vaccination before arriving to Saudi Arabia.

Measles and Rubella – it is strongly advised that these vaccine-preventable diseases have updated immunizations. Make sure that you are immune, either from previous immunization (two doses of the MMR vaccine) or natural measles infection.

Once you have taken these vaccinations into consideration, your health should be good enough to go on your spiritual journey to Makkah or Madinah. Cheapest Umrah Packages are also available to the pilgrims with all the basic facilities included in it.