Who is Obligated to Perform Umrah?

Umrah is termed as one of the religious obligation offered by the Muslims. The Umrah pilgrimage has a great significance in the Muslim’s life even though it is not compulsory as Hajj but it is suggested to perform Umrah more than once, and you will get the benefits in your later life. However, when it comes to who can perform the Umrah pilgrimage, there are some conditions that who are obliged to perform Umrah. Pilgrims try to get their hands on Umrah Packages to have ease in their traveling.

They Must Be a Muslim

The most important requirement in order to perform Umrah is that you have to be a Muslim. This means that Umrah cannot be performed by the Non- Muslims and if someone tries to do that he can be punished for doing such act, the punishment could be a lifetime ban and deportation from the city Makkah.

They Must Be Accountable

This refers to the condition that they have to be of a certain age and they have to make sure that they understand the importance why they are performing such a sacred ritual. Performing the both pilgrimage Hajj and Umrah Umrah, is valid when a child has reached the age known as sin at-tamyiz.

This specific point in a child’s development refers to the age of discernment referring to the age at which a child is able to take care of himself without the assistant or vigilance of his/her guardians. The age frame is nine years old for a girl and seven years old for a boy. However, newly born babies are valid to perform such pilgrimages. People also look for Cheap Umrah Packages to have journey in their budget.

They Must Be Able

A person is considered ‘able’ to perform the Umrah pilgrimage if they can afford the expenses to reach the sacred city of Makkah and return home safely. This also refer to the things that the specific person needs to have appropriate accommodation, clothes, no unpaid debts remaining  and enough money to provide support to their family when they leave for Makkah for the pilgrimage and then return home.

Important things to be kept in Mind

If a woman wish to perform the Umrah pilgrimage, then she is obligated to be accompanied by a Mahram a man who is unmarriageable to the woman in question and any sexual relations. A Mahram can be a father, brother or her husband. Cheapest Hajj Packages are also offered by the travel agents to facilitate the customers.

Another request is that if the person is physically not capable due to old age or sickness, then they can have someone to perform the pilgrimage on their behalf. If they cannot find someone but they are able to pay someone to do it, then they are obliged to pay that person who performs the pilgrimage on their behalf.