Why do millions gather in Makkah every year?

The reason Millions of Muslim gather in Makkah every year are as follows:

Where social status is forgotten

During this holy obligation every person present their forgets about its status and social importance because during Hajj everyone is equal and the white cloth that is wear by the pilgrim also called as Ihram is the example of the unity because everyone is wearing irrespective of their financial or social status. In order to go for Hajj people select different Hajj Packages according to their need and budget.

Thousands of people move around Khana Kaaba and this view is amazing.

Black Box –Kaaba

The Kaaba is a huge black stone structure that sits at the center of the Grand Mosque. Some of its parts are connected to important events in Islamic history. In the eastern corner of the Kaaba, to the left of the door, is the Black Stone. During Hajj pilgrims with Hajj Packages try to kiss the stone, emulating the kiss the Prophet Muhammad is believed to have placed on it. But the rites and rituals of Hajj begin outside Makkah. Other than this some important things that should be known by Khana Kaaba is:

Mezab-Al Rehma

The Meezab-al Rahma is a gold rainwater spout on the roof of the Kaaba that was built after the rain caused three walls of the Kaaba to collapse in 1626.


The Kiswa is the black cloth that covers the Kaaba. Quran verses are embroidered on it. A new Kiswa is made every year and place on Kaba on 2 day of Hajj.


The Hatim is a semi-circular, white marble wall that was originally part of the Kaaba and now sits on the north-western area of the Kaaba being  unattached. The area between the Kaaba and the Hatim is known as the Hijr and is believed to be the place where Ismael and Hagar – Abraham’s son and wife – are buried. Cheap Hajj Packages are also provided by the travel agents to facilitate their customers during their journey.

The Station

The station (or ‘standing place’) of Abraham is a stone that bears a footprint of Abraham. According to the Islamic tradition, Abraham stand there while building the Kaaba.

Rituals during Hajj

Pilgrim wear simple white unstitched cloth. They make intention to make Umrah.When you will enter Makah keeping your right foot first, you will go toward Ka'bah to perform the Tawaf which is the series of walk in circles around the Khan Kaaba. You can also come close to the side of the Khana Kaaba known as Multazam and pray for anything you desire.

After this pilgrim go to perform the sa'i which is the running between the hills named as Marwah and Safa and after that drin water from Zam Zam. After this then pilgrim make intention of Hajj and start the rites of Hajj.

On the first day of hajj, you will go to Mina, an area about three miles from Makkah, and you will be spending a day in praying. On the second day, you will go to Arafat and after the sunset on the second day, you will go to Muzdalifah where pilgrim pray and collect 21 pebbles .On the third day, you will return to Mina and perform Jamarat where pilgrims throw stones on devil. After this Eid-ul-Azha when the animal sacrifice is performed by the pilgrim. You will stay in Mina till the fourth or fifth day before returning back to Makkah to perform the final Tawaf that signifies the completion of Hajj.

One God

Today, Hajj is the most well-known mass pilgrimage in the world. According to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba was built in honour of Allah Almighty by the Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Ismael. But after centuries, the local inhabitants used the cubic structure to store idols.

In 7th Century, when Muslims believe in Allah Almighty through the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad he restore the Kaaba to the worship of one Allah Almighty only. In the year 628 he set out on a journey with 1400 followers. This was the first pilgrimage in Islam. Since then, the Kaaba has been through many transformations, but the experience of walking around it for devoted Muslims is just as meaningful as it was in the ancient time. It is a once in a lifetime event that has a powerful spiritual and emotional impact on pilgrims on completing this religious obligation. People prefer to have Cheapest Hajj Packages to complete the holy journey in their definite budget.