Privacy Policy

We are here to explain features of our privacy policies set out on how Umrah Expert, incorporated in the United Kingdom keeps the privacy of your private data.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) Umrah Expert can be considered as a "data controller" as we gather your private data openly provided by you for the professional purpose. Being one of the world’s foremost travel agency in England, Umrah Expert is in a situation to gather, process and release sure private data of yours in order to perform our traditional business activities that take in reservation travel associated services on behalf of you. We are extremely loyal in defending your private information and privacy thru numerous physical, technological, electronical and other related controls in place. 

To our official email correspondences by providing any of your personal information or entering and submitting them on our company and any associated websites, over the authorized phone calls, by written documents to the official people and by any other means, you agree that the below provided privacy policies are understood and will apply to how we grip your details. By doing so you clearly give us the agreement to gather, process and release your private information as comprehensive below.

Kindly be noted that if you don’t agree with any of the below-mentioned aspects of our privacy policy you shouldn’t provide any of your private data by any means mentioned above. In certain occurrences where your data of country protection regulations carry out practices that limit or limit the way private data of a traveler is fingered by us as set out below, we will try our level best to modify our data handling practices to fulfill with your local authority. However, this isn’t a clear approval that our dealings will adopt the condition in full force.

The Personal Data that We Collect From You

Any info that is compulsory to ease your reservation and to confirm any travel linked deal and package or service on behalf of you will be assembled, used and revealed to the related parties. Consequently, we gather the below info on professional purpose,

1.    The basic contact information of the main and other travelers. This takes in, customer name and the names of the travelers along with you, housing or mailing addresses, contact numbers as well as housing and mobile and email addresses. 
2.    Payment info - credit or debit card details, as well as the type of the card, number of the card, safety/pin number, and date of expiry. 
3.    The necessary Passport information.
4.    Common flyer niceties with any loyalty programme associated information of yours.
5.    Data about your nutritional requirements and health issues, if required. 
6.    Other travel preparation associated details needed by the related travel service providers. For example, airlines, lodging provider, journey operator etc.
7.    Related details clearly provided by you for any other purposes than traveling. For example, the info relating to your contribution in one of our social media struggles.

Sources to Collect Your Data or how we collect your Data

In overall, we gather your data for the professional purpose and in order to bring our consistent business functions. See here that we collect your personal information, 

•    By telephone, letter, email for any travel related purposes or in general when you ask us either in person.
•    When you reserve any of our travel arrangements or other travel deal package, and services.
•    When you come to our site or any allied websites.
•    When you submit your private data thru our websites or any allied websites.
•    When you get in touch with us thru our authorized social media channels.
•    When you contribute in any of our competitions through the website or our social media channels.
•    When you subscribe to our newsletters to collect our promotions and advertising materials.
•    When you appeal brochure downloads or other information.
•    When a third party is a reservation or confirming a travel preparation on behalf of you. For example, someone making a reservation for a family or a group of friends.

It becomes your accountability to keep us up-to-date with instant outcome in cases where your personal data is collective with us by a third party without your agreement.
When you disclose somebody else’s personal info for the purposes of reservation a travel preparation or to get any of our services, you agree that you have gotten the agreement of the party in concern. You also agree that the other party knows that a person’s info will be gathered, used and revealed in agreement with our privacy policy mentioned here.

Using Your Private or Personal Data

Personal data submitted to us thru this website and other means set out above will be used for the purposes definite in this privacy policy.

We will only process your information, where:

•    you have given your consent to such processing (which you may withdraw at any time, as detailed at section “Your Rights in Connection to the Personal Details We Collect” below);
•    the processing is necessary to deliver our services to you;
•    the processing is necessary for compliance with our legal obligations; and/or
•    the processing is necessary for our legitimate interests or those of any third party recipients that receive your personal information (as detailed in sections “Is personal information disclosed to third parties” and “Is personal information transferred overseas” section below).

Is personal information disclosed to third parties?

We do not and will not sell, rent out or trade your personal information. We will only disclose your personal information to third parties in the ways set out in this Notice and, in particular, as set out below, and in accordance with your local data protection laws. Note that, in this Notice, where we say “disclose”, this includes to transfer, share (including verbally and in writing), send, or otherwise make available or accessible your personal information to another person or entity. Sources to Collect Your Data or how we collect your Data

Your personal information may be disclosed to the following types of third parties:

•    our contractors, suppliers and service providers, including without limitation:
•    in each of the circumstances set out in section (“Sources to Collect Your Data or how we collect your Data”);
•    suppliers of IT based solutions that assist us in providing products and services to you (such as any external data hosting providers we may use);
•    publishers, printers and distributors of marketing material;
•    event and expo organisers;
•    marketing, market research, research and analysis and communications agencies;
•    mailing houses, freight services, courier services; and
•    external business advisers (such as lawyers, accountants, auditors and recruitment consultants);
•    our related entities and brands;
•    travel service providers such as travel wholesalers, tour operators, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, transfer handlers and other related service providers;
•    any third party to whom we assign or novate any of our rights or obligations;
•    a person making your travel booking on your behalf, where you are travelling on a booking made on your behalf by another person (for example, a family member, friend or work colleague);
•    your employer, where you are an employee of one of our corporate, business or government clients and you are participating in an event or travelling for work purposes;
•    a person who can verify to us that they have a relationship with you (e.g. a family member) where you are not contactable, the person correctly answers our required security questions and the request is, in our opinion, in your interest (for example, where the person is concerned for your welfare or needs to undertake action on your behalf due to unforeseen circumstances);
•    as required or authorised by applicable law, and to comply with our legal obligations;
•    customs and immigration to comply with our legal obligations and any applicable customs/immigration requirements relating to your travel;
•    government agencies and public authorities to comply with a valid and authorised request, including a court order or other valid legal process;
•    various regulatory bodies and law enforcement officials and agencies, including to protect against fraud and for related security purposes; and
•    Enforcement agencies where we suspect that unlawful activity has been or may be engaged in and the personal information is a necessary part of our investigation or reporting of the matter.

We May disclose your information to overseas

We may disclose your personal information to certain overseas recipients, as set out below. We will ensure that any such international transfers are either necessary for the performance of a contract between you and the overseas recipient or are made subject to appropriate or suitable safeguards as required by your local data protection laws (e.g. GDPR). We will provide you with copies of the relevant safeguard documents on request, please refer to the “Feedback / Complaints / Contact” section below.

It is possible that information will be transferred to an overseas recipient (other than any of our overseas related entities) located in a jurisdiction where you will not be able to seek redress under your local data protection laws and that does not have an equivalent level of data protection as in your jurisdiction. To the extent permitted by your local data protection laws, we will not be liable for how these overseas recipients handle, store and process your personal information.

a.    Our overseas related entities

Umrah Expert operates in United Kingdom. Your personal information may be disclosed to our overseas related entities in connection with facilitation of your travel booking and/or to enable the performance of administrative, advisory and technical services, including the storage and processing of such information.

b.    Travel service providers located overseas

In providing our services to you, it may be necessary for us to disclose personal information to relevant overseas travel service providers. We deal with many different travel service providers all over the world, so the location of a travel service provider relevant to your personal information will depend on the travel services being provided. The relevant travel service providers will in most cases receive your personal information in the country in which they will provide the services to you or in which their business or management is based. 

c.    Our third party service providers located overseas

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties located overseas for the purpose of performing services for us, including the storage and processing of such information. Generally, we will only disclose your personal information to these overseas recipients in connection with facilitation of your travel booking and/or to enable the performance of administrative and technical services by them on our behalf.

We use key service providers located in United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. We also deal with many different service providers all over the world, so it is not possible for us to set out in this Notice all of the different countries to which we may send your personal information. However, if you have any specific questions about where or to whom your personal information will be sent, please refer to the “Feedback / Complaints / Contact” section below.

Safety of Your Private Information

All private information given to use over the internet is threatened by Protected Socket Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard your privacy and safe broadcast. Your data will be stored on protected file servers protected by business standard firewalls. Information is supported by secondary servers and tape backup. You can contact us on at any time to ask about the details we hold on you.

Sharing Data When Reservation Online

When you reserve online with Umrah Expert or any of its allied sites, you will be mandatory to enter niceties concerning the lead passenger that is Name, address, telephone number and email address. In addition to that, you will be compulsory to enter all the names and dates of birth of all traveling travelers. This information will be utilized by us to help us handle your reservation. As well, your name and travel info will be passed on to the airline from which the tickets will be obtained. Please note that your data may be afterward passed on to certain government organizations as obligatory by law.

Your Payment Information

As part of the reservation deal, we will gather payment details from you as well as your credit card details. Umrah Expert will only use this information to gain payment for services reduced and your credit card info will be aloof from our servers. In certain events, we will contact you thru telephone to confirm these details. Umrah Expert will never request for your payment details through email and we desire you not to send such data thru email and to use our safe payment portal to enter your credit card details.

Email Alerts

Umrah Expert has an opt-in email-aware service which requires your email address to sign up. Your email address will only be used for marketing valuable data about Umrah Expert services and offers. We will not rent, sell or share your email address with any third party. You can unsubscribe from our emails anytime by emailing us.

Security of Your Personal Data

We take realistic physical, technical, supervisory and organizational safety measures to avoid loss of, mismanagement of or the modification of personal data provided by you.
All personal data given to use over the internet is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and as well to password and firewall guard.
Due to the integral nature of the internet but, we can’t assurance the safety of the information sent over the internet.
You are answerable for keeping your password and user niceties personal. We will not ask you for your password.

Your Rights in Connection to the Personal Details We Collect

If you want to, 

•    Upgrade, alter, delete or get a copy of the private data that we have on you; or
•    Stop us from utilizing any of the private details which we have on you, in addition receding any arrangement you have previous access to the handling of such details; or
•    Where any private details have been fingered on the basis of your arrangement or are vital to do an agreement to which you are a party, ask for a copy of such personal details in a suitable setup.
Set out in our contact section of this site, you could inquire for these by emailing us at the authorized address. You would get the consciousness of your plea and we would inform you of the timeframe in which you would get your feature pack.
We try to respond to such requirements in a month or less, though we have the right to extend this time for tough desires.
We have the right to refuse you entree for any reason permitted under appropriate laws. Such exceptions might comprise of national safety, corporate business, and confidential orientations. If we refuse entree or alteration, we would offer you with written details for such refusal unless it is illogical to do so and, where vital by local information defense laws, we will take down your plea and the rejection of same in our records.

Please keep in mind that, if you ask that we stop using private details we have on you, or eliminate a contract you have previously provided to the handling of such details, this might influence our competence to offer services to you or harmfully outcome the services we could offer you. For case, many travel bookings need to be made below the traveler’s full name and have to consist of contact details and proper identification. We can’t make bookings for you without those details.

You should always supply the precise info and you accept to upgrade it whenever required. You also agreement that, in the deficiency of any elevation, we could presume that the info provided to us is right unless we later become watchful that it is not correct.
In any of the conditions stated above, we might request that you confirm your uniqueness by delivering us with a copy of a reliable method of identification in order for us to stand by our safety responsibilities and to stop the unlawful release of private details.

We have the right to bill you a rational organizational payment for any noticeably unjustified or high requirements concerning your entree to your personal details, and for any extra copies of the private details you inquire from us.

Feedback / complaints / contact

If you have any enquiries, comments or complaints about this Notice or our handling of your personal information, or wish to inform us of a change or correction to your personal information, would like a copy of the information we collect on you or would like to raise a complaint or comment, please contact your consultant or the Data Protection Officer using the details set out below:

Post:    Data Protection Officer

We will respond to any enquiries or complaints received as soon as practicable. 


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