Terms and Conditions

These Booking Conditions apply to reservations you make with our counselors (through phone or email) in addition online reservations you make on our website. A contract on the terms set out in these Reservation Conditions will exist as soon as we issue an approval bill.  References to “us”, “we” or “our” mean “Umrah Expert”. 

Considerate Your Contract

Please read carefully these Booking Conditions. You must not make any booking except you understand and agree to these Booking Conditions. You should save and/or print a copy of these Booking Conditions at the time the reservation is positioned. We will depend on the specialist of the person making the reservation to act on behalf of any other traveler on the booking and that person will bind all such travelers to these Booking Conditions. 


Travel isn’t without risk, but the good news is, with travel insurance, It is highly recommended to have travel insurance before your travel. Make sure, flexible travel insurance protects you from the pain of cancelled flights, unexpected injury or losing your luggage and other travel issues.

Your rights under your contract for travel preparations will depend on the type of travel preparation you reserve with us, which will be either a booking for package travel or for one or more distinct travel amenities. Irrespective of the type of preparation you reserve with us, the provider of your travel service will have its own terms and conditions. All such terms and conditions (including restrictions of obligation) apply to these Booking Conditions and, consequently, a reference to “these Booking Conditions” shall mean the terms and conditions set out herein as well as all terms and conditions of any provider of your travel services. To the extent of any discrepancy among a travel service provider’s terms and conditions and the terms and conditions set out in this, the travel service provider’s terms and conditions shall be victorious, save to the level that any facility in the travel service provider’s terms and conditions is thought to be worthless or unenforceable. Your travel service providers will be recognized on your journey or travel documents and their particular terms and conditions will be available directly on their websites or by contacting them. Otherwise, you can ask us for copies. You must read all applicable travel service provider terms and conditions cautiously because in every case they will apply to the delivery of your travel services.

Deals Organized by Us

A deal is a pre-planned, single-price mixture of at least two of the subsequent components,
•    Transport
•    Accommodation 
•    Other traveler services accounting for a noteworthy proportion of the package

Your rights in relation to packages organized by us are set out in these Booking Conditions which are considered to include all terms and conditions of each travel facility provider for the numerous components of your package travel preparations. 

We Performance as an Agent

When you make a reservation with us, you accept and agree that we will be acting as an agent just for the related journey organizer or travel service provider, as well as in relation to deals that we organize, and that neither Umrah Expert nor any of its directors, workers or agents have any responsibility of any nature in linking with the related travel service, except as set out in these Booking Conditions and the Package Travel Regulations.

Agenda Variations

All take off and arrival times on your flight ticket are provided by the airline and are approximates only. They may vary due to air traffic control limitations, weather conditions or functioning needs. We suggested that you contact the airline or visit the airline’s website to approve your arranged leaving time 24 hours previous to your flight. You should also authorize leaving times for each forward flight. In the event of agenda changes, failure to reconfirm any sector of your journey may result in you necessitating to purchase a new flight.

When You Change Your Reservation 

If, after our validation invoice has been allotted, you wish to change your travel preparations in any way, for example, your selected travel dates or lodging, we will do our extreme to make these changes but it may not always be probable. Any appeal for changes to be made must be in writing from the lead–named traveler who made the reservation. You will be requested to pay our supervision charge of £75 per passenger per reservation plus any extra travel service provider change or invalidation charges. Where we experience any obligation for a travel service provider change or cancellation fee for any reservation which you change, you agree to reward us for the amount of that fee. You should be mindful that charges could upsurge earlier to the leaving date. When changing travel preparations, we may have to rebook you to current charges and rates, which may result in an upsurge in the cost of your preparations, in addition to our management charge and the travel service provider’s change fees.

No date changes are allowable outside of your ticket’s validity period. ‘Minimum stay’ and ‘maximum stay’ rules apply to return and multi-stop flights.  
If you have got a return flight, multi-stop or around the world flight and you don’t check in on a long-established flight, the airline will register you as a ‘no show’ and your tickets on your following flights will be invalid by the airline. Please contact us as soon as possible if you don’t aim to check in for a confirmed reservation in these conditions.

When You Cancel Your Reservation

You may cancel your travel preparations at any time, however, please note that sure travel preparations may be non-refundable. The written statement from the lead-named traveler must be received at the branch where the reservation was made. Since we experience prices in abandoning your travel preparations, you will need to pay our management charge of £125 per person per reservation. As well as to our administration charge, you will have to pay the travel service provider’s appropriate cancellation charges.

If you have made a reservation with us for your Expeditions the cancellation charges will be an amount determined in accordance with the table below, apart from where otherwise specified.
You may be able to reclaim these charges from your travel insurer if the reason for your cancellation is enclosed under the terms of your travel insurance policy. Refunds will only be made available to the person named on the reservation payment receipt, unless or else agreed in writing by all travelers listed on a reservation.

Your refund and mixture rights as set out in these Booking Conditions are subject to your rights under the Package Travel Guidelines and the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  
Unless otherwise specified, the following cancellation fees apply to reservations for your Trips only. Days before departure within which written notice is received by us. 

Cancellation fee:

1.    More than 70 days Deposit only
2.    57-70 days Deposit + 45% of total Journey 
3.    37-56 days Deposit + 50% of total Journey
4.    28-36 days Deposit + 65% of total Journey 
5.    15-27 days Deposit + 90% of total Journey
6.    14 days or less Full reservation value

When We Cancel Your Reservation

Infrequently a travel service provider may have to make changes to your original reservation. We do not accept any responsibility or charges experienced that may result from these changes, other than in accord with the Package Travel Regulations. Most of these changes will be slight and we will advise you of them at the earliest possible date.

We will advise you of the carrier functioning each flight in your journey. Any changes to the carrier after you have received your vouchers will be informed to you as soon as possible and in all cases at check-in or at the lodging gate. Please note that carriers may be subject to change. Such a change is supposed to be a minor change. Other examples of minor changes contain change of your flight departure time by less than 12 hours, changes to aircraft type and change of lodging to a comparable or higher standard. No recompense is payable in respect of minor changes.
If you have booked a package organized by us and it is essential to cancel or make major changes to your measures we will, in addition to the above, pay your payment as follows:

1.    55-29   days prior to travel:   £15.00   
2.    28-15 days prior to travel: £25.00
3.    14-8 days prior to travel: £35.00 
4.    7-0   days prior to travel: £45.00

Please refer to the section titled 'Our accountability for your reservation for more data in this respect.

Passports & Visas Documents 

All travelers must have a legal passport for any international travel and many countries require at least six months’ legitimacy from the date of return. Some countries also require a machine-readable passport and/or unstamped available pages. When backing up with an international travel reservation, we will assume that all travelers on the reservation have a legal passport. If this is not the case, you must let us know. It is important that you confirm that you have legal passports, visas and re-entry authorizations which meet the necessities of migration and other government establishments (including, in certain cases, visas for transit points). Any fines, consequences, payments, delays or expenditures experienced as a result of such documents not meeting the necessities of those establishments will be your sole responsibility (except to the extent caused by the fault on our part). 

We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not fulfilled with any passport, visa or migration requirements. If you need information concerning visa and other travel document necessities for your trip please let us know or visit www.umrahexpert.co.uk. If you are a British inhabitant we will provide you with over-all data on visa and passport necessities that apply to international travel reservation you make with us. 

For all passport holders, our counselors can get precise information from an outward visa optional service provider on your behalf (if you wish, we can assist you to get visas through this external service and charges will apply). We do not permit the accuracy of information provided by any external service and accept no liability for any loss or damage which you may suffer in reliance on it (except to the extent caused by the fault on our part). Please allow acceptable time to get any such advice or documents.

It is a necessity for some air carriers to provide private data, as well as passport data, about all travelers on their airplanes. The info will be composed when your check-in (either online or at the airport) or, in some conditions, will be obligatory when you make your reservation. 

Our Concern for Your Reservation

In all conditions, we will not be accountable where any failure in the concert or provision of your travel arrangements is due to,
•    Your performances or blunders or the acts or omissions of another member of your group. 
•    Any third-party not linked with the provision of your travel preparations and where the failure is unexpected or inevitable.
•    Uncommon and unpredictable conditions beyond our control, the penalties of which could not have been circumvented even if all due care had been exercised.
•    A happening which we or a travel service provider, even with all due care, could not foresee or forestall (including but not to war, threat of war, riot, civil turbulences, industrial quarrel, terrorist movement and its penalties, natural or other disaster (such as volcanic ash or hurricanes), nuclear incident, fire, adverse weather conditions (actual or threatened, including snow and fog), closed or overfilled airports or ports, obvious technical problems with transport and similar events).
Our accountability will in all cases be in agreement with and/or in an identical manner to,
•    The terms and conditions of the travel service providers that provide your travel preparations (which, by making a booking with us, you recognize form part of these Booking Conditions) 
•    Any related international conventions, for example the Montreal Convention in respect of travel by air, the Athens Convention in respect of travel by sea, the Berne Convention in esteem of travel by rail and the Paris Convention in respect of the facility of lodging which set time limits for notifications/claims and limit the amount of recompense that can be demanded for death, injury, delay to travelers/guests and loss, injury and delay to baggage. Copies of international agreements and related travel service providers’ terms and conditions are available online. Otherwise, you can ask us for copies either over the phone or in-store.


Hajj & Umrah Visa Application Documents

For Your hajj and Umrah Application form, you are required to submit the following items.
•    4 Color Passport size photos with a white background
•    Proof of Meningitis (ACWY) vaccination
•    Passport valid for eight months (6 months absolute minimum)
•    Non-British Passport holder must have "INDEFINITE PERMISSION TO STAY" endorsed in your passport.

Hajj Visas are granted by the Saudi Government free of charge.

umrahexpert.co.uk is competent to obtain Hajj & Umrah visas for all British, EU and other nationals who have any official right of citizenship for the UK. The Saudi Embassy requires your passport for varying lengths of time in order to issue a visa. We cannot give precise guidelines as to processing times and ensuring the fastest processing time. If you have any questions at this moment, we will happily walk you through the process.

Please Remember:

•    You must have a Hajj Visa
•    If anyone who has a non-Muslim name, he or she should submit an official document from a mosque or an Islamic center confirming that the applicant is a Muslim with the Visa Application.
•    Four current passport size color photograph on a white background, any other color background will be rejected and your application will be postponed.
•    Passports should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of fulfillment of the application form. Preferably your passport should have eight months validity.
•    Women and children should be along with husband/father or a male relative (Mahram). Evidence of relationship is compulsory (a marriage certificate for a wife, a birth certificate for a child indicating the names of both parents). The Mahram have to travel into and out of Saudi Arabia on the similar flight as his wife and children.
•    If a woman is 45 years old or older, she is permitted to go without a Mahram with an organized group or relatives and submits a notarized No Objection Certificate from her Mahram.
•    If the applicant is not a national of the country he/she is applying from, an official citizenship permit must be submitted with the application.
•    A vaccination certificate adjacent to Meningococcal Meningitis should be attached. The certificate of vaccinations should have been issued not more than three years and not less than 10 days prior to entry to Saudi Arabia and it should be valid for three years. The vaccination certificate must be with the applicant on entry to Saudi Arabia.
•    Hajj Visa is valid for 30 days only
•    Umrah Visa is only valid for 14 days unless otherwise stated
•    We do not guarantee any Hajj or Umrah Visa.

Prices and payment

All prices are subject to accessibility and can be withdrawn or varied without notice. Prices are per person and inclusive of tax unless otherwise indicated. Lodging (if involved) is based on twin share, quad share, unless otherwise specified. Advertised prices may be to travel within specified dates. We will confirm the correct price with you at the time of payment. Prices are not certain until full payment is made.

To confirm your travel preparations, you may be required to pay a deposit per person. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable for variations of mind or cancellations by you. We will advise you of the amount of the deposit and date for final payment at the time of your reservation. For online bookings, full payment is obligatory at the time of purchase.
If you have made a reservation with us from our ‘Expeditions’ varieties you will be required to pay a deposit of £100 per person for economy class flights and £200 per person for premium economy, business and first-class flights. A further deposit will be obligatory for any tour or journey or for certain fares which form part of your Journey. The balance for your Journey must be paid no later than 10 weeks previous to departure or such previous time that we inform you. Please check your quote or invoice to confirm whether your travel preparations are from us.
Sure, fares and services (as well as some airfares and services in the Journeys) are booked at particularly inexpensive rates which may need payment in full at the time of reservation and may be non-refundable.

We will collect all obligatory taxes; however, some countries may charge extra departure, hotel or other taxes that must be paid nearby. We advise travelers to retain enough local currency to meet these charges.

Payment by Cards (Debit or Credit)

We accept most major debit and credit cards. You approve us to charge all amounts due by you in relation to the services provided to the card chosen by you. If payment is not received from the issuer for any reason, you agree to pay us all amounts due proximately on demand.
Payment by bank transfer (not appropriate to online reservations)
If you are paying by this method you will need to appeal account details from your counselor and make the payment at least three business days previous to the actual due date. You must inform your consultant of your payment once it has been made.

How Do I Make A Complaint?

We purpose to provide you with an incredible travel experience. However, if you have a problem during your trip, please inform the related travel service provider (e.g. your hotelier) and your travel counselor as soon as possible who will effort to put things right. If your objection is not fixed locally, please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing to our Customer Services Department at info@umrahexpert.co.uk or giving your reservations reference and all other related info.

It is powerfully suggested that you connect any complaint to the travel service provider in question as well as your travel counselor without delay. If you fail to follow this process we will have been deprived of the opportunity to examine and correct your complaint whilst you were traveling and this may affect your rights. Out of normal office hours, you may also contact our emergency assistance department on 000 000 0000.